My works were started on the premise that a painter can express a subject in a variety of ways as artistic eye goes into the depth of perception. As a painter´s artistic perspective is psychological and subjective unlike the physical eye, it works differently at every moment depending on the painter´s subjective emotion. Therefore, interpretation of a subject can be an extension of perception, but max also move to a point completely unrelated to the initial point, and i will describe it based on a research process.

My research subjects mainly consist of objects found in nature. They include the trees that can represent change in nature best, and the common subjects that can draw human interests. From a common subject, I discover a specific element that can be translated into a pictorial representation, and express a subjective emotion from my perspective. The rationale for this approach is that although they could be dismissed as inconsequential, their existence can be explained through the causal relations among the subjects.

I used to think that deep contemplation for a pictorial comes in a special opportunity ; however, as I write this paper, I learned that the express the subjective emotion in the subject, a painter naturally brings in his or her own memories and experiences, and the experiential power as expanded new perspective and associations is more active in the most ordinary places rather than where something unexpected occurs. In other words, when conceptualizing the moment of going deep into a subject as the present, I bring the past memories accumulated around me to my potentially conscious state while I go deep. The past memories are organically linked with the present, and they affect each other constantly, and the causal relation shapes an image.

At this time, perception can be extended through exercise, or I can delete the conventionally perceived subject and goes back up the memory lane and recall the subconscious characteristics and depth of the subject, and replace the subject. Therefore, new interpretation of a subject is expressed at every moment of my life, instead of only in special opportunities.